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Originally Posted by Kameleon

People who get Neg reps are usually deserving. Don't say stupid or ignorant things and you won't get a neg rep.

You cannot ban/remove neg reps without removing the whole rep system.
Ok..say, with the system as it is now, what's stopping me from neg repping you for that post and anonymously calling you a "f***in queer" & telling you to "go & suck your mother's fat ****" or "suck my ****"?
...I guess nothing.

You can't deny that there are rogue members out there. Not everyone has their principles set straight, so the honor system is useless around here.

Mac Danzig is still on his back; his sweaty, pumped white torso is flushed with the auburn heat that auburn skin produces when it is aroused. His panting, fetching head has been pushed up against the cage by... Marc Bocek’s energetic pounding...

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