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Tough decisions no doubt.
The fact that you get a PC but no internet makes the thing completely useless so I cut that out.
I've been married for 10 years now, not locked up in the same room with my wife....I'll stop there. If I could get a new 18 year old hottie whenever I wanted I would go with that but that's not on the table so she's cut too.

Onto the choices
Full Kitchen - I'm alone for 10 years, I'll have lots of time to cook along with everything else.
Skylight - Ya that's self explanatory
Workout Room - Obvious
Pool Table - Very cheap on points, something to do
Garden with Greenhouse - Lots of time, can grow my own "recreational plants"
TV with all cable channels and package - Gotta keep up with the times somehow to keep your sanity
Library and study with all books - 10 years is a long time to get bored, I'll eventually read a book...are magazines included...
Hygeniene Products and Jacuzzi - Obvious

That's 30 points and I keep my 10 million.

Biggest issue was no internet, if the PC included internet my list would have some changes. Companionship from either a female or animal would be nice but their options were quite restrictive so what I've picked is within those parameters.

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