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Originally Posted by Alex_DeLarge
Don't give me that shit, BJ saw evalutions on all the fighters and didn't even pick his damn team based off of their talents. He picked all the guys that wanted to be on his team.

And why is Jens continuing to pick the matches? Because he coaches his fighters better and trains them better as well.

Stop making excuses. Christ BJ Penn nuthuggers are senseless.
A couple weeks is hardly enough time for any coach to impact any of the athletes' technique while on the show. The biggest thing that either of these 2 coaches can impact is conditioning and at this stage of the competition whatever shape they were in before TUF is still affecting their performance. When we start seeing BJ's better guys in there we will see BJ's team winning. On a side note, you are hardly one to preach about nuthugging when all we hear from you is how indestructible Anderson Silva is whenever someone questions his abilities, despite having clear holes in his game. And even though I admit to being a Penn nuthugger, you seem to be a clear cut Penn hater. Whenever someone says something remotely positive or defends him in any way, here comes Alex DeLarge, "NUTHUGGERS!!!" Grow up, we were having a fine debate as to why Team Pulver has won all matches so far.

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