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Originally Posted by K R Y View Post
A puppy/dog that can't be walked or properly exercised for 10 years? Yeah have fun :P The garden/greenhouse option with a puppy is a must!
Ah, you're right. I would have to fit that in. To be honest though, a puppy for 6 points is a steal. Should be on everybodys list. Gives you a sense of purpose and responsibility. It will keep you from going insane.

Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
To be honest I'm not big on having an 18 year old in there with me because, let's be realistic, we'd probably not get along after a while. And I don't wanna be forced to murder another human being.
My thoughts exactly. Yeah, the sex would be nice, but you will more than likely begin to hate each others guts in little time. How many 18 year old hot girls can you have solid conversations with? I would much rather have any guy friend of mine down there with me.

Originally Posted by LizaG View Post
18yr old -18
Unlimited Booze -5
Unlimited Fast Food -4 (could burn it off )
Jacuzzi -3

Commence the 10yr Sex-Fest!!!!
If it was 10 days and not 10 years, then I would agree, but come on now. This would drive you bat shit crazy in no time.


Alright I'm gonna change up mine, I originally thought internet was a lock, but it's just too pricy if it doesn't include a laptop.

Puppy 6
Garden 2
Workout room 5
Sunlight 2
Medical care 2 - all necessary for my physical and mental well being.
TV 7 - mainly for keeping me updated on the news, but also a great source for entertainment. The movie pack is not really worth it with every channel imaginable.
Kitchen 6 - a steal, better than the gourmet option imo. You will be a phenomenal cook after a couple of years, and it fills your day and keeps you occupied. Just sitting around is what will cause depression. Also remember with the ingredients will be an assortment of liquors.

This is the ultimate for me probably, and what I would do if I was to be put in this situation tomorrow. Don't feel any need to give up money for more points. Agree this is a very fun thread.

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