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Originally Posted by Grotty View Post
Totally agree, mind you if a ranking system was in place and strictly enforced would it neccessarily be effective within 12 months?
I don't think you necessarily have to go off a ranking system and say #2 gets next shot. Because there is timing issues, injuries and a variety of factors that go into it. The problem is right now we are seeing fighters coming out of no where to jump guys that are obviously ahead of them in "line". For example right now you could give Bigfoot a title shot because of the current options available. He may not even be ranked in the top 5 but it would be understandable by most fans and fighters. But if they put Frank Mir back in there for a title shot then that would cause a bigger fuss. Most of it is common sense though. Just common sense that literally over a dozen fighters are more deserving of a LHW title shot then Chael Sonnen. IMO it's very easy to see who should be fighting for the title next.
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