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Good thread, thanks Budhi!

I'll take the five extra points for $5 million.

52' TV - 7
Full Kitchen - 6
Puppy - 6
Library - 4
Hygene - 3
Greenhouse -2
Skylight - 2
Medical - 2
Sattelite Radio - 2
Pool Table - 1

I could run in my greenhouse and do pushups and sit ups in the kitchen and other areas to keep myself in shape. I feel like if I had the internet, I would spend too much time trying to hopelessly connect with the outside world and would go insane. The booze was hard to pass up but I figured I might as well get healthy and stay in shape, even though I've got no one to impress. I wouldn't want to regress physically and I feel like if I had an unlimited amount of booze, I'd abuse the hell out of it. As far as sex goes, I've said it before, but the only female I'd be interested in ******* would be LizaG (can't wait for my trip to the UK this March ). And 18 year old boys are not my thing. I like my men within two years of my age give or take. Especially if they have facial hair. I feel like with the puppy, library, my greenhouse and pool table I would find ways to keep busy. The TV with top of the line cable and sattelite radio would be great ways to wind down.
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