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Originally Posted by TREY B.

Eh bro...anytime you get a negative rep, and you'd like to know who gave it - just hit me up man (this goes for anyone else for that matter). I can tell you who the culprit was....just so people don't think they can randomly neg-rep people, and not get caught / some red rep in return.

Thanks, man... I see in my CP now some of the culprits who run around and talk smack_ thanks for that, and I'm glad that IceMan1125 is already banned. These punks who got nothing good to offer will drag this forum down unless we weed them out. Pricks like Chunkyluv360 just can't keep running around here and randomly f***ng with people and get away with it...ban him.
BTW, "MSF - Weekes rules Mofugga."(don't know who this is yet) needs to get banned as well.

Let's weed out these cheapshots!

Thanks again,Trey.

Mac Danzig is still on his back; his sweaty, pumped white torso is flushed with the auburn heat that auburn skin produces when it is aroused. His panting, fetching head has been pushed up against the cage by... Marc Bocek’s energetic pounding...

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