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Originally Posted by Spec0688 View Post
The answer to this is fairly simple, go and beat up Rousey and make this your division. There is no question Cyborg can make the weight if she actually wanted, she's lean but she has so much muscle mass that if she lost some it wouldn't really make a difference. If anything, drop down and beat Rousey and then say you aren't fighting 135 anymore, that will leave the UFC in a real predicament.
I actually thought of something like that which would be a big FU to the UFC.

I always thought 141 - 145 was the weight class they all fought at before at least when Gina was around. Like I said. If Cyborg or Gina were champ still rest assured the weight class would be there.

Tito has always gone against the grain, so the doctor's reasoning is all the leverage he needs. They also asked about a 140 catch weight which seems very reasonable. Health is certainly an important factor, but now cowering down is another.

Also it's a brilliant move because it's a negotiation tactic. Right about now he's fielding offers from other orgs. Tito/Cyborg isn't as dumb as you guys think. He understands management and the fight game very well. He doesn't need money with a networth of $15 million plus a gf/fiance/or wife who has probably doubled that. So his interests' are purely for the longetivity of Cyborg. Cyborg vs Ronda is the money maker each can command an audience, more so with Ronda. Cyborg will demolish the competition in other orgs collecting the same if not more from the UFC. You can build a whole event around Cyborg. Then the build up would be even greater with two years time which really isn't that long. Bottomline, sometimes big isn't necessarily the right move.

I can respect there decision.

EDIT: Strikeforce got it right and picked up where Affliction went wrong. They consolidated their heavy weight division, cross promoted which is unheard of in the UFC with the exception of Chuck fighting in Pride, and ramping up the woman's division all without putting their eggs into one basket (Fedor.) Why else do you think the UFC bought it out. Strikeforce was a threat. I hope Scott Coker and Frank made out like bandits cuz they knew what the end game was the moment they signed the dotted line. There can be only be one.

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