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Originally Posted by Term View Post
They bought it out because Strikeforce put it up for sale. From what I read after the Fedor and Henderson deals and then after the big fight on CBS cost them the CBS deal. Investors were nervous and wanted out.
That's actually an interesting tid bit. But the price had to be right still. Perhaps there's more behind the scenes, but I think the organization could have sustained itself. Point is there's a ripple effect from that.

I don't think Tito is to what Vadim was to Fedor at least not yet. They requested a catch weight fight and flatly got denied where as M1 were the ones who never compromised. They wanted to co-promote.

From the sounds of the interview though Tito mentioned numerous times he "asked" Cyborg and she said no to various stipulations. A manager advises, ultimately it's up to the fighter. Fedor is different. He allowed Vadim total autonomy.

Sometimes you get put in a spot and if it involves a caveat even with a substantial sum on the line, maybe it's not the right choice. Now this is where it can be similar to Fedor's situation where if Cyborg chooses another org and ends up losing. Then again Fedor never had to deal with weight cuts.

Here's my breakdown.

50% health issues
40% negotiation tactic
10% Tito is holding a grudge against Dana

Their fee is usually 10% on the high end unless of course you're Golden Glory.

Based on one of her fights.
$15K base salary + $15K win bonus + $5K championship bonus

Tito's commission - $3,500

For arguments sake lets triple it to $105,000 w/ a commission of $10,500.

It's chump change for Tito. Talent agents or managers for celebrities, super star athletes is where it's at. I can't see Tito doing this for himself. He's doing what "he feels" is the best with Cyborg ultimately hearing his input but making her own decisions.

EDIT: It sounds like I'm defending Tito, but I'm defending what YAHOO stands for.

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