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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Load em up. Which doc on the mafia. I've prolly seen hundreds. Just read a crazy book recommended by some bum at a local bookstore. It's called the Butcher. I was like nah I don't like reading those type of books, but I didn't realize it was written by Philip Carlo who wrote "Gaspipe" which is another phenomenal mafia book. If you get a chance you should read both of em. You'll finish it in a day.

Gaspipe is of course about Luchesse underboss Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso.

The Butcher is about Bonanno caporegime hitman Thomas "Karate" Pitera.
Sorry dude, I lose track of threads I post in sometimes and remember about them weeks later. lol.

MAFIA Documentary ---
The Mafia documentary I was referring to is called: Mafia's Greatest Hits, and it's currently on netflix.
Mafia's Greatest Hits Sam Giancana

Mafia's Greatest Hits Charles 'Lucky' Luciano

Mafia's Greatest Hits Joe Colombo

Mafia's Greatest Hits John Gotti

Mafia's Greatest Hits Tony Spiloatro

Mafia's Greatest Hits Vito Genovese

Mafia's Greatest Hits Carmine Galante

Mafia's Greatest Hits Donnie Brasco

Mafia's Greatest Hits Alan Dorfman

Mafia's Greatest Hits Roy Demeo

Mafia's Greatest Hits Joe Valachi - Genovese Crime Family Vincent Gigante

Military --- Why We fight.
A documentary about about the Military Industrial Complex in the United States.

Any Zeitgeist documentary is always pretty bad ass. Falls under philosophy/conspiracy.
Zeitgeist Moving Forward

Zeitgeist: The Movie - by Peter Joseph ( Full Film )



QUANTUM MECHANICS/Consciousnesses/Elementary Particles:
what the *bleep* do we know? FULL MOVIE

The Elegant Universe 1 of 3 Einstein's Dream

The Elegant Universe 2 of 3 Strings The Thing

The Elegant Universe 3 of 3 Welcome To The 11th Dimension

The Primacy of Consciousness - Peter Russell - Full Version

I'll list others but they'll be in random order:

World War II in Colour

BBC - Planet Earth -Trailer Only (but you can find it on youtube)

Design and manufacturing -- Objectified

An Innocent Truth

DMT the spiritual molecule

Ayrton Senna - The Right To Win - Full


Thieves BY Law

Secrets of the Dead: Trailer and then Full video from PBS webite:

Full Video:

This is it for now...enjoy.

1. BJ "The Prodigy" Penn
2. Dan "Hollywood" Henderson
3. George "Rush" St Pierre
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