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Let me play devil's advocate here. And let me preface it by saying I am no Diaz fan. But I think those people saying Diaz is unworthy of a title shot are taking it a bit too far. Now, you could argue that there is a more worthy contender (Hendricks), and I would buy into that. But if you recall, Diaz and GSP were slated to fight already and no one had a problem with it then. You could argue, even then, whether he was the worthiest contender. Sure, he did end up losing to Condit in a close one, who then lost to GSP, but many would argue that Diaz won that fight (I would not be one of them).

The fact is, Diaz-GSP is a legitimate grudge match. GSP wants to smash him. And he'll be the biggest heel in Montreal in UFC history. His only loss is a close- and some might say (again, not me)- controversial loss to Condit. Just because Condit lost to GSP, doesn't mean Diaz will. I personally think GSP will handle him with relative ease, but you can't use MMAmath there.

I'm not saying Diaz is more worthy of a shot than Hendricks, quite the opposite. And I'm certainly not saying Diaz has a better shot at beating GSP than Hendricks, again, quite the opposite. I'm just saying Diaz is a worthy contender, albeit not the worthiest, and the bottom line is that fight is going to sell a heck of a lot more. UFC is a business first. I for one have no problem with Diaz-GSP first. I want to see that fight. If Hendricks is as bad a man as most of us think he is, he'll take out the Juggernaut and get his shot next... unless of course GSP-Silva miraculously happens first.
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