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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
WHy should Dana change the weight of a division? I thought you said how awesome WMMA was and how worthy it was? Yet you want him to change the division so we can see the only fight that we care about? If it was so awesome this wouldn't be a big deal. You make little sense when it comes to this issue.

WHy should Dana change the weight of a division? Ronda won the 135lb title in SF. Why should the division change its weight limit? Ronda and Cyborg are obviously not even in the same weight class. Why should Ronda have to move weight? Yet you are so against guys moving up or down or doing catchweights? She is the 135lb champ for focks sake. If they changed it to 140 she wouldn't even be allowed to be called the champion right now.

SO you are basically saying they should have made it 140 so they can do this 1 single fight? Shows was crappy the WMMA is. Ronda shouldn't have to go anywhere. She is the 135lb champ. They should change the WW division. Make it 178 so that pansy GSP and Anderson can meet for a title.

Cyborg holds the cards here. No she won't have the potential income and fame the UFC may bring her. But other organizations would pay her ok because she is a name. If Cyborg refuses to go down to 135, Dana misses out on the only worthy women's fight right now. Basically destroying WMMA in the UFC. Cyborg holds the right cards.

If she can't make 135 she shouldn't be in the UFC until the UFC adds more than 1 focking women's weight class.

How would men react if the UFC had 1 focking men's division?? Would they all be expected to make that weight?

WMMA is just a joke right now. And it is proving that it isn't ready for this sort of leap. The only fight the general public even cares about his Cyborg/RR. And they aren't even in the same focking weight class. Hell the UFC doesn't even have Cyborg's class. Yet they have her under contract????

I enjoy watching WMMA, but admittely it's not as deep as the men's divisions such as 170 or 185, this is the most talent it's ever had and it will continue to grow but if you combine 145 and 135, everyone can meet in the middle, you can get Cyborg and maybe you even lure Gina back into one more fight in the UFC not to mention they add more depth, something the men's weight classes don't have an issue with.

And like you said, everyone misses out on the one Women's fight everyone wants to see, Cyborg isn't going down to 135, Ronda isn't going back to 145, where she originally fought so it looks like they'll just have to stay with 135. You've said a thousand times in talking about GSP/Diaz and Jones/Sonnen, it's about which fight makes the most money, it's a business, well guess what? Rousey/Cyborg makes the most money when it comes to Women's MMA, but the only way you're going to get is at 140 lbs.

So really 140 lbs makes all the sense in the world if you really think about it, more depth which people complain about, the big money fight which a lot of people have said they wanna see, even people who aren't big on WMMA, everything adds up assuming Cyborg really can't cut that weight and isn't lying or holding out to get more money the only negative to a 140 lb class is that it means Ronda would have to get in there with Cyborg and risk getting her face messed up and I don't think Dana wants that.

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