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I'm agreeing with you. It would be nice to see Cyborg/RR because it is the only WMMA fight I care about. That is also why I said Cyborg holds the cards....Dana is running it like a business. He wants that fight. He also wants Rousey to be a star because she is easily the most popular women's fighter.

But bottom line is Rousey is the 135 champ. It is foolish to say Dana is protecting her....because he is allowing her to fight in a division she was champion of. That is a little out there.

Sad when your 2 biggest WMMA stars are a girl with like 6 fights who is a dominant champ already. And a woman who has been on roids for years. If a dude was on roids and got an immediate title shot people here go crazy and say how the UFC is losing credibility. But when it comes to Cyborg it is somehow all fine. Yea the UFC surely wants a roided out woman as their sole women's champ...

I'm not entirely against WMMA as a whole. But WMMMA is not ready for this leap....not even remotely close. Rousey jumps right into main eventing a PPV vs. a unworthy challenger. Yet men at 135 and 145 struggled to get main event statuses. With 100x the skill. And a much deep division with real talent.

Rousey can make 135 and has won her belt there. There is no reason to change the weight class she is champion of, just to suit a cheater. How is that fair? We always talk about fair and title shots. How is changing the whole weight class for a cheating roider....fair?

It is all hypocritical. Because WMMA supporters are scrambling hoping the UFC finds away to make this all interesting. When there are 2 fighters in all of WMMA right now who anyone cares about. 1 is the 135lb champ. The other is a roided out 145 fighter.
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