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I've not read the entirety of this very interesting thread. But I for one am absolutely disgusted by TRT use in this sport. I'm 41 years old, started martial arts was 9 years old and have always been a fan of all combat sports and martial arts. I'm only mentioning this so you know a little where I'm coming from.

People get up in arms when I say this, but the outcome of fights are far more random than the hero worshipping types would like to believe. And a significant variable is the state of mind of the fighter. Testosterone is known to ramp up aggression self-confidence and put people in a more violent state of mind. This alone in my view is a huge unfair advantage not taking into account the physical ability enhancement.

I can't believe people who believe the complete garbage about people putting in a tiny amount of testosterone into their system to bring it up to normal levels. How can anyone be that naive.

Anyway it stinks to high heaven and I have utter disgust and contempt for the fighters that use it. There's a strong possibility that TRT use leads the sport to be looked at as dirty and a sort of X-rated entertainment. Who's got the start and support sporting academies for young people to do MMA When this odious corruption and cheating is rife.
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