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I would assume you age and that life goes on without you.

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
I was thinking about the girl, in terms of companionship/talking, but then I realized if I got the puppy (that is far cheaper on points), I'd have someone to talk to and play with, a living being to take care of and wrestle with and in general keep something alive and breathing with me.

I'd much rather the library/tv/puppy than an 18 year old female (of which most are annoying as hell to spend even 5 minutes with).

This is a fun game for sure, I wish more members would join in.
I kept thinking I wasn't going to take the girl, but it was the time factor that weighed on me. 1 year? okay. But 10 years with no one to talk to? No sex. No companionship. The puppy or kitten might help with the companionship but 10 years is an unbelievable amount of time to go without being able to talk to another person. The cell phone option is there I suppose, but not quite the same. Being someone who is close to 30 years old I just find the idea of no being able to talk or see another human for 1/3 of what I have lived so far an incredibly hard pill to swallow.

Don't forget, it's 10 years, she will be 28 when we get out of there and she might not have been annoying the entire time. maybe.

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