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Why did you learn Martial Arts? What is your story?

I was in Grade 1 when I was bullied by this dude that was taking karate. He inturn had an older brother that dominated him and he was just lashing out on others including me. Unfortunately I am not going to tell you a movie inspiring story, and say that I finally got my revenge. I actually transferred schools when I was presented with an opportunity. The funny thing was that instead of going to a new school in the suburbs, the new school was actually in a downtown city, filled with bums harrassing you for money and downtown skin heads trying to take your Doc Martins, Air Jordans or baseball cap, (this was the 80's). Enough was enough, I studied Okinawan Karate and learned to fell an opponent with one strike. Usually having to fight people twice my size, striking hard and fast gives me enough of an opportunity to escape. In real life situations, it wasn't like what you see on TV, or on UFC where everything is equally matched and there are rules. You need to survive. You need to learn how to pop someone double your size in the nose or jaw, and hope they stay down.. and if they don't and start chasing you with their friends, you need to know how to quickly hit them again and again while running away, until they just give up. You need to learn that when you get full mounted and start to get grounded an pounded, the only real way out is to grab his ears by both hands and dig your thumbs in both his eyes, and you need to do this fast enough before he is able to grab your fingers and break them. THIS is real life. By the time I was Grade 10, I was already a real badass, and didn't really have to fight that much in high school as I could just live off my credibility. Even though I was only 130 lbs people wouldn't mess with me throughout high school. Thank god I really didn't have to prove myself too often because everyone was starting to turn into men, and it always sucked having to fight a dudes 220, 6 foot 3 and I was only 5'6 and a buck 30. In the end, any of my fights would get so brutal that people would have to break it up because the other guy is screaming after not tapping out or sleeping, or there were too many of them and I had to just run away alive.

What martial arts has taught me was that you can master yourself and your abilities so that you are at peace with yourself and do not need to prove anything to anyone, and must avoid fighting as much as possible. Even if you have to swallow your pride, or become embarrassed, the higher priority is to live a happy and peaceful life and NOT engage in WAR. However, if there is no option and you are cornered or can't escape or need to protect others, YOU MAY UNLEASH the BEAST !
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