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Elbows and knees will defeat takedowns. Just don't miss. : )

Most of the advice you will receive is defensive. Here is some offensive advice:

1. Most fighters have not mastered their elbow strikes. These are one of the most effective weapons in MMA because there is no padding. The reason you see much damage from elbows from standing position is that when elbow strikers have good timing, they can knock out a grappler that is coming in for the takedown. Try training with elbow pads and just have your sparring partner perform takedowns on you, and only use your elbows. You will quickly see how effective this is, as you don't need to be as fast as you can already anticipate where his head is going to be.

2. Knee strikes are your friend. Once your opponent eats one good knee from you in his face while trying to take you down, he will start second guessing his takedowns. During sparring, wear knee pads and just practice knees while having your partner perform doubles and singles on you.

Originally Posted by shs101 View Post
Im a little over 3 weeks out and im a standup fighter, im fighting a a bjj guy with just a highschool wrestling backround. I feel confident im my gameplan and ive been working a lot of wrestling and getting up. No I am not looking to make any drastic changes by posting this im simply just looking for any last few week advice and or principles/tips when fighting a ground guy.
Ive been working the obvious like keeping him on the end of my punches and assuming a more lower stance,also not standing infront of him.
Anyone else have ANY kind of knowledge or something that works good for you to avoid the takedown and get the ko?
Thank you

More of a mma type of question but since im looking to stand and get the ko im sure yous can help me!
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