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FB group "we are all one" (improve negative MMA image)

I just want to share the name of the best AND biggest MMA group on Facebook today "we are all one" and tell you guys what this group is all about.

The whole idea behind the group is to have a Facebook group where fans can discuss and make connections to improve the image of MMA. MMA is the most growing combat sport in the world but still has a negative image in Europe and some other places. In some countries they want to forbid it. Why? Because a lot of people don’t understand the sport.
It’s a mix from several Olympic sports, such as boxing, judo, wrestling, tae kwondo. Different fighters are really smart guys with high education, such as lawyers or doctors, but also the casual husband, taxidriver or whatever can be a MMA fan or fighter.

A Dutch guy named Hein van de Velden, who is the cousin of former UFC Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten, started the group after he saw a picture of Genki Sudo with the "we are all one" banner. He thought it was a great text to create a group with on Facebook.

He wants to show the world that "WE ARE ALL ONE!" No matter what education,hometown you come from, we are all MMA fans and sportsmen! If they train MMA, they can lose all stress in training. If they don’t train MMA, there’s still a group where they can get a real good feeling being a part of "WE ARE ALL ONE!".

He is now rounding up pictures of fans and fighters with the text "WE ARE ALL ONE!" so he could see how many people are supporting the group.

A lot of professional fighters support the group aswell:
- Stefan Struve (UFC Heavyweight fighter)
- Remco Pardoel (ex-UFC fighter)
- Filip Verlinden (2012 Glory Heavyweight Grand Slam Tournament Final 16 fighters)
- Bas Rutten (former UFC Heavyweight Champion)
- Michael Kuiper (UFC Middleweight fighter)
You can view their photo's in here =>

This is my "WE ARE ALL ONE!" picture by the way

We are all one also helped me to lose weight. I went from 206.8 lbs (on 06/29/2012) to 168.5lb now

So come on and help build the image of MMA and be a part of the facebook group "WE ARE ALL ONE".

Follow my brand new blog about MMA and let me know what you think! => MMA Europe Blog

I'm supporting:
HW: Cain Velasquez, Pat Barry
LHW: Jon Jones, Chael Sonnen
MW: Chris Weidman, Michael Kuiper
WW: Demian Maia
LW: Benson Henderson, Clay Guida
FW: Jose Aldo

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