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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
Pretty much exactly what I was thinking while watching it. It's an alright show and I'll keep downloading and watching so fair play, but it's nothing like it's brought up to be, and compared to actual great shows it's really lacking. Despite them going through the most horrible things imaginable for two and a half seasons I don't feel emotionally invested in more than a couple of characters. The 'heartfelt' conversations in each episode are just a lot of words with little substance, and I find myself skipping ahead after a while. The old people dying off and new people joining the group-schtick can only be fresh for so long, right now theres nothing to drive this show ahead. The biggest flaw is the writing, the Andrea speech-scene this episode was the most cliche "strong woman adressing conserned, muttering crowd" I've ever seen. I hope they will step their game up but Breaking Bad is far and away the better of the two shows, and I fail to see how so many people think otherwise.

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