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The Walking Dead is just a sub-par show IMO. The writing is just plain bad and every thing is so cliche'. The show sucks because it's centralised around character development, but in order for a show like that to be successful you need strong writing, intriguing characters and good acting/performances. The writing is weak, the acting is average/sub-par and the characters are just dull. The only redeeming quality of this show are the actual zombie action sequences, they have always been bad ass, but the show isn't centred around that, it's trying to be an emotional drama with thought out characters, and it misses the mark completely IMO. It's trying to be some thing it's not.

As for Homeland being better than BB, season 1 of Homeland is near flawless television IMO and it features one of, if not THE most tense and nerve wrecking scenes in tv history. (You guys will know what I'm talking about). Season 2 how ever was over all, no where near as good as season 1. It was still very solid, and the second half was much better and had a great ending, but it wasn't a patch on the first season because of the huge mystery and guessing game factor the first season had. So it goes below Breaking Bad for me.

As far as I'm concerned though, The Shield tops them all. Since I have been done with The Shield all of my regular tv shows which I used to LOVE are now just moderately entertaining. The Shield has left a gap in my television entertainment world which can't seem to be filled.

Edit: @Mercy, watched the House Of Cards pilot last night. Enjoyed it, Kevin Spacey is one of my favourite actors and he seems to have landed a great role with a great character. It's the subject of politics which puts me off in the long term though, I don't know how long I can remain interested in the subject matter.
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