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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
So many great documentaries on this subject. World is ruled by the WASPS and zionists. There are other groups which are in line with it; RCs, sects, orders, guilds, 3rd degrees, family dynasties beginning with the Medici's then Rothchilds which predates all other modern families (Rockefeller, Carnegies, Vanderbilts, etc.), scientology to an extent, Sun Valley summit, and the creme da la creme The BGs.

Oh and who can forget the Stonecutters.
Oh yeah I agree. The Zeitgiest movies helped me understand the monetary system, others have helped me understand the secret societies and such.

This is a pretty good video I've stumbled on. Its amazing how so many things are interconnected. Researching this stuff is like playing a massive game of connect the dots. The only probelm being is that I'm not too sure whether I'd like to see what the final image is. Its already quites scary!

OK, for some reason I can't post this video. Changed the code etc....weird. I'll provide the link and hopefully a mod can sort it out for me.

This is a pretty good video. Crazy.

12 year olds should run the world!

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