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Originally Posted by Budhisten View Post
Glad you guys are enjoying it - I have a few more of these up my sleeve... I might make more threads some wonderfuld day

As for Life's question. If it doesn't say condoms are provided, then they aren't. And yes, the 10 years are real time meaning you will be 10 years older by the end of it and so will the girl/puppy/Barry Bonds
Nosce te ipsum

I know that I would likely not get along with the vast majority of 18yo's- of either gender- on the planet.
What the hell am I gonna' do with the corpse down there?

I know that, to make it through 10 years of captivity, I'm going to have to have my game-face on the entire time. I can't concentrate on my shit if someone else's shit is all up in my shit.

I know what I need on a daily basis, and believe it or not, human contact is not one of those things. When I was twenty-something, sure; but at this point, I would be quite capable of a 10-year break from society given the stated conditions.

Know thyself.

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