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Monday April 30th
Weight: 153

Cardio; Swimming

Went swimming for a good 30-40 minutes before heading to the gym. Probably did a good 25-30 laps all together, and did 4-5 using only my upper body.
Thoughts on swimming: you get a really good exercise from it, its fun, and it's good for endurance. My good friend has a pool and I'm gonna try to swim 2-3 times a week from now on.

Strength; pull days

265x1x4(hands died after this)
295x1x2(pr+10 last week)
325x1x0(got it up like 6-8 inches, pretty pathetic)

BWx1x5(wide grip)
BWx1x8(underhand grip/chinup)
BWx1x5(wide grip)

BOR(Bent Over Row):
My lower back was hurting doing these, idk if it was from deadlifts, bad form, or a combo.

BB Curls:
Haven't done curls in forever they felt weird,

Reverse BB curls:

Gripper Machine:

Thoughts: today was a good day. i really look forward to my pull day. ima work some focus mitts after dinner as well, maybe some bjj with my brother.
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