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Originally Posted by Hammerlock2.0 View Post
I don't know. I'd like to realize what happens and then go like "Well, **** me." and then everything gets bright and stuff like they do it in the movies.
You would go with the Black Hole option then. From my calculations it would take an eternity before the planet would be entirely engulfed by one. It could be millions of years before a star spirals into one, but once it reaches the event horizon it'll probably take a millisecond.

Originally Posted by OU View Post
So I guess this is two different questions? The thread title is what we WANT to happen and the poll question is what do we FEAR will happen?

What I'm most afraid will happen? First, I ain't scared homie, take me today, I'll stare that alien in the eyes as he takes my life. I'd be scared of a long, slow death where we witness suffering.

What I would prefer happen? Anything instant. I don't want the world to know and have final moments of panic. I don't want suffering over time. I just want a flash and it's over. I think that would be best. Gone before we knew what happened.
Nuclear war is your option as every other option would be a fairly slow death.

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
What I WANT to happen is zombies, depending on what type of zombies you are talking about.

Are they Shaun of the Dead style Zombies? Since zombies aren't real and there are multiple types of them in different movies/entertainment, I'm going to go with that style, in which case they are slow moving, dumb, easily killable creatures. It would be interesting and dare I say somewhat exciting to survive and live in a world with those type of zombies.
Excellent question. I ran out of poll options so it's clumped into one category unlike the Alien category. So, you can use your imagination. Personally zombies should NOT be able to run like maniacs. I'd imagine they're a headache to deal with as is.

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