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It's the Sopranos school of showmaking where everything revolves around the main character and his many relationships in basically two different worlds.

The Sopranos
Breaking Bad
The Wire
Band Of Brothers
The Shield
Twin Peaks
Six Feet Under
You actually watched Twin Peaks. Haunting soundtrack, one of my old favorites.

Nice comparison. The Sopranos was always about two families. Nobody ever got a chance to see how a mob don interact with his family and it was almost always comical. Tony was callous and a ruthless mob boss on the other hand when it came to family he was this jovial character who exuded joi de vivre; bbqs and swimming in his pools with his ducks. As one of the episodes there's TWO TONY'S. The writing for that show is unparalleled. It had a film noir feel to it.

I have to say axing Frank Darabont played a role in all this for Walking Dead. For the most part though I still enjoy it, but I do feel some settings are protracted; Sophia season. In reality that could have been condensed into two episodes. I have a feeling the HBO execs wanted to milk it so the writers/producer/director had no choice, but to extend it as long as they could. As viewers we need plots to continue pushing the storyline. Sometimes it does feel like it drags on which maybe is a metaphor to how the zombies are. Everything is so drab and overdramatic. Suppose that's what makes this stand out compared to Zombie films which are all action based.

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