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Originally Posted by Anteries View Post
I thought far more chilling, was Jones coaching the fighters how to do elbow strikes on the ground. All that stuff about show him his own blood, smash him, the rabid chanting about smashing your opponent's face.

And that kick, great technique, but shame to see that poor bastard sacrificed on the altar of violence. It's like we've gone way back into prehistory, just before someone came up with the idea, "hey wait a minute, what if there was a way that men could compete against each other without causing serious injury to each other".

The thing is, watching someone get knocked out isn't that interesting. It has a morbid YouTube like curiosity. It would be sort of interesting, to see a person get knocked out.

But what is the real enjoyment?
ok, I kinda agree with the first part, but let us put things in perspective shall we?

Jones is 23, on top of his sport, an instant superstar if you will.

however, he is still, yet human.

How would you, or I for that matter, be acting being in a similar situation. The true answer is, we don't know, because it's such a unique situation, I believe, that one should experience it first hand to truly understand its implications.

a little bit like having your own child (which you would understand if you do, if not, then well, you'll understand later, hopefully)

Anyway, knowing myself as I know me, I would suppose that in the same given situation, the same age, the only changing variable being me instead of jones. I can't say I wouldn't have let it go to my head, the fame, money and whatnot, we all know that this has a huge and potential negative impact on any given person.

So, back to the topic, yes that probably wasn't the smartest or best thing to say, as a coach, to a student. But let's put this into context

1. Jones is probably in way over his head, from what I can gather (which isn't much, to be fair), he is the kind of person still in the struggle of building himself, I'm not sure he'd be qualified to actually be anyone's mentor until he first figure out who he is himself.

2. what did you expect? it is reality TV about cage fighting on a Fox network channel FFS!!! are you really THAT naive that you actually believed there would be that much to gain from watching such a show? Actually there is more than meets the eye, but that's another topic. Still, I'd gladly take my own point here, that is if you let me.

Anyawy, I disagree with your final statement. This is MMA, while I strongly believe, in my heart and soul that soul searching, culture, knowledge, experience and all the "arts" of the intellect are something everyone should gather and keep preciously, I also do believe that we, humans, are merely glorified wild animals.

Fighting is in our nature, competing is in our nature, we like to say that we are all equals and whatnot, and it's important that we believe in that ideal, however, we still have our egoistic need to show and become the head of the pack, the best, the strongest, the richest, the smartest, the highest etc... you get the point. this is what we are. Rather than try and hide it, letting it go uncontrolled and actually hurting people, I like the idea of allowing people to do it in a controlled environment, with rules and a fairly good share of security measures.

this is still, yet, a competition where two people are supposed to hurt each other until the point one gives up.

this is the purest form of competition that we are actually allowed to do. but those who do, also agree to the fact that they might get hurt and they might have to face life changing consequences. this is the game, they want to do it, they make a better life for themselves doing it, they take the chances.

Construction workers don't necessarily take less chances with their health or life even, but the will never make the kind of money that those guys make.

if you are not able to see the beauty behind this, in the same time art or strategy, technique and raw talent, love, hate, anger, peace, control or chaos, then it is really a shame and I wish that you will one day see it with my eyes.

watch the news when there's a war, this is hate, anger, violence
watch an MMA bout, you have art, you have heart, intellect, respect and trust (and more than that, just got bored to write)

if everyone was doing martial arts, the world would be a much, much better place.
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