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Another example of Matt Hughes being a jag off. He knew he could get Marc Laimon to talk crap about his (M Hughes) beating Gracie and that would one, make matt hughes look good (at least in his own eyes) and two upset matt serra who he figured he would be fighting soon so he already was trying to get into Serra's head, just like he kept trying to get into GSP's head.

As for Marc Laimon, I agree the guys a sissy. I can't fight anymore and never really was a "mma" fighter, but I can still teach/train others. I have no problem with laimon as an instructor nor have I ever heard anything negative about his teaching. In fact I have heard that he is one of the best coaches around. But talking crap about fighters is disrespectful and I agree with what others have said. He loses credibility in doing so.

As for Laimon's comments on Gracie, i would expect someone as suppossedly knowledgable about bjj to understand the fight between gracie and hughes wasn't a fair fight. It was in terms of the UFC's current rules, that's not what I am saying. But I would love to see matt hughes against Royce in a real vale tudo type match where there is no time limit. Where Royce could wear his gi. Where Royce could use small joint manipulations. Where head butts were allowed. Where Royce didn't have to worry about a ref standing the fight up or stopping it before someone was either unconcious or Tapping out. The current UFC rules are stacked against a straight bjj fighter and can be considered advantages for wrestlers. Yes, Royce fought Hughes by todays UFC rules and got beat. No denying it. But that hardly makes matt hughes "da man" over Royce Gracie and is hardly a blemish on Royce Gracie or Gracie Jui Jitsu and that ass clown Liamon should know that if he knows as much about bjj as he professes to know. I agree, under these current rules, if Royce is not going to learn other aspects of the game, he should not play, but that in no way takes away form Royce's talent or what he brought to this sport and if it wasn't for Royce Gracie, people wouldn't be seeking out the instruction of ass clowns like Liamon in the first place.

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