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Originally Posted by OU View Post
I'm a professional smoker so I'm a pretty high functioning pothead. Don't get me wrong I can have a few sessions and get super baked if I want to have some couch lock and just lay around being lazy. That's what I will do before I watch a movie. But getting baked and going to out the Wildlife Refuge and checking out buffalo(bison) and all the beautiful scenery it's pretty cool from time to time. Can also go fishing out there.

EDIT: Also Breaking Bad, SOA, Pawn Stars, Mudcats, Swamp People, Always Sunny in Philadelphia are a few shows worth watching when baked.
Me too man! Well, not the functioning bit. Smoked for about 10 years, pretty much constantly but can never be arsed to do stuff unless I'm sober before I begin. Going to the Wildlife refuge sounds cool as shit though. Nothing like that around my hood.

As for the shows you have recommended, I've been told before that Braking Bad and Always Sunny are good shows but I need to watch them from the beginning, which is effort. Of the other shows you have mentioned, I recognise a few, they're all 'reality shows' right? F*ck that dude. Hate reality shows. Most of the time its staged anyway.

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