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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Me too man! Well, not the functioning bit. Smoked for about 10 years, pretty much constantly but can never be arsed to do stuff unless I'm sober before I begin. Going to the Wildlife refuge sounds cool as shit though. Nothing like that around my hood.

As for the shows you have recommended, I've been told before that Braking Bad and Always Sunny are good shows but I need to watch them from the beginning, which is effort. Of the other shows you have mentioned, I recognise a few, they're all 'reality shows' right? F*ck that dude. Hate reality shows. Most of the time its staged anyway.
Yeah the Wildlife Refuge is pretty cool. I should really go more often then I do. They have a few places setup out there. The "mountains" are really tall hills at this point but it is the oldest range in the US and one of the oldest in the World. So over time they have been worn down. The tallest one out there is called Mount Scott
it has a road you can drive up all the way to the top. Good for the lazy hiker lol. We have others that have trails setup and depending on which one you go on you will see different animals.

As for the shows. If you have Netflix then Sunny, SOA and Breaking Bad are all on there and you can see them from the beginning. On the others, yes they are reality shows but they also involve some interesting historical items on there. You can tell portions of it are somewhat "scripted" but the items found or brought in are real and that's the fun part. Also with Mudcats and Swamp people the actual hunt of the crocs or catfish is very real. Mudcats takes place in Oklahoma and I have been to most of the lakes they go to on the show so that adds to my personal interest.

EDIT: Question, what is the quality of the bud you smoke?
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