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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Clicked on that link. You live near there? Amazing! Thats a cool ass view from the top. Have you been to the top?

Not sure if want to watch crocs get merked though. I have watched like half of 2 episodes of Cheaters though. That big over there? Kinda looks like some stuff maybe scripted. If its not then its just horrible. Filming people when their lives arew being destroyed by cheating ho's. Funny ass shit though.
Yeah I live on the NW edge of Lawton so I'm very close to the Refuge. I can get on the refuge in about 20 minutes from my house. Probably takes 30 minutes before I get to Mt.Scott. I have been there many, many times over the years and I have been to the top many times. It's pretty cool, you can drive up there and then hike in different directions for awhile.
Elk Mountain though is probably the best when it comes to scenery. They have so many paths you can follow and see some cool stuff. Check out some of the pics here.

Cheaters is a very old show lol. It has it's LOL moments. Best one was when the host got stabbed.
But these shows I'm referring you to are not like that at all. They aren't about drama and people interactions like Cheaters, Real World, Jersey Shore and all those kind of shows. It's more like a modern day Antics Roadshow if are familiar with that reference. It's more about the historical items that are brought in. I also like Counts Customs(Counting Cars is the title I think?) and American Restoration because they find junked out classics and restore them back to their prime.

Forgot to mention I can see Mt Scott very well from my house.
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