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Originally Posted by No_Mercy View Post
Funny, I had an intense craving yesterday. The most chill is smoking Js, but use to do bongs (two footers) which goes straight to the dome after a bowl. Never understand how people recharged after 30 minutes continuously.

Blunts are koo, havn't tried vaporizers though.

- hot knifing
- water/gravity bong
- apple bong

Not a big fan of pipes. If you're gonna smoke outta pipes might as well do it from a bong cuz it'll be a lot smoother.

I've known some serious...serious pot heads in my life.

PS: Pac taught E-40 had to roll a proper blunt.
I have a little glass pipe I got, it's not too bad. I like them much better then the plastic/metal pipes. I have had a few bongs over the years but they are big, smelly and require maintenance. I don't like to have much paraphernalia around. Every bong I ever bought I kept somewhere else. I have smoke out of a couple different vaporizers and they are cool. Suppose to be the healthiest way and definitely seems to be the most efficient way to conserve.
But for me it's just convenient to roll a blunt and smoke it with a buddy. Burns slow, easy to pass back and forth and you can even smoke the roach later on.
I roll probably 20+ blunts a week honestly. I only smoke 2-4 usually on a weekday but I make up for it big on weekends. Right now I'm not smoking quite as much as I was a couple months ago. Usually just 2 blunts on a work day. But I don't smoke until I get off work(5pm) and usually I'm in bed by 10:30. But if I do smoke a blunt by myself I usually smoke part of it, wait about 30 min to hour then smoke some more. I can get usually 3 sessions out of 1 blunt if I smoke alone.
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