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Originally Posted by Roflcopter View Post
He doesn't come off as the least bit psychopathic.

He comes off as perfectly sane, and extremely angry. He describes some psychopaths in his manifesto, and a large amount of them are wearing badges and toting guns.
And of course, because the murderer describes them; he must be correct!

He murdered the people because he has nothing to live for after they destroyed him for not falling in line with the good old boy network. He had a perverse sense of justice for a group of individuals who act like they are immune to it.

I'm fairly confident that at least 90 percent of the manifesto was accurate, especially considering it isn't anything new.
That's a great analysis, doc. Why did he murder a cops daughter and fiancee? Perfectly "sane" thing for an angry person to do. Just because you agree with it, doesn't make it any less batshit crazy.

Originally Posted by M.C View Post
People don't just automatically go against police, that is not the case, it's the vast range of history showing police brutality and lying, and corruptness both on the street and in the office that makes people go against the police. I'm 100% skeptical about people who need only a high school education and 3 months training to hold a gun and command me or other citizens on what to do. It's a horrible system full of power hungry, low IQ individuals who are protected by their peers of which have equally low IQs and low moral values.

Obviously not all police are like this, but the whole system is in fact full of people just like that, and as such the whole organization and system should be completely re-worked, re-written, and every police officer should have a mandatory life sentence in prison for a single case of injustice or brutality towards a citizen. They should also have mandatory, on-always cameras attached to their head, and if it is ever turned off during your working hours, you get fired immediately and can never work in law again in your life. If you take up a job with 3 months training that allows you to hold a gun and command people what to do, then you should take the responsibility that if you mess up, you spend your life in prison and have every single second of your day monitored highly, by an extremely strict system. Only individuals of the highest, highest intelligence and experience (the training should be 5 years minimum, not 3 months) should be able to become potential police officers, and people like this would take the job as seriously as possible, as the result of not doing so means you get your life taken away from you. It means you actually earn the right to hold a loaded gun and command people what to do, and the respect and intelligence to do it, unlike the system that is in place today.
I was going to reply until I saw the bold. You have an absurdly false perspective of law enforcement that is obviously not going to change no matter what is said or what you see. It's a shame, but there will unfortunately always be many people who hold these opinions. So be it.

RIP Jordan Corder. Watch over me from above brother.
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