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Originally Posted by OU View Post
I smoke every day. Every single day. But on weekdays I don't smoke until I get off work. I never, ever smoke before work. But when I get off work, I ain't got shit to do so why not? I get a decent deal on my bud so it's not too bad. Not nearly as cheap as the "reggie" but it doesn't take near as much to get the job done. I can roll up less then half a gram in a mini and get and a buddy super baked or if I smoke alone I can get 3 smoke sessions out of it.
Thats cool man. Anyone I've ever known that would hook me up with decent deals has either quit dealing or moved away. Weeds a rip off nowadays. When I lived in Glastonbury, I could get chronic for about 2g for £12.50. Here in Lincoln, I get a gram for £10. There also is no distinction between chronic and reggie here. All the same price. And ontop of that pretty much everyone tries to rip you off. So you could end up getting 0.8g for £10!

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