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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Thats cool man. Anyone I've ever known that would hook me up with decent deals has either quit dealing or moved away. Weeds a rip off nowadays. When I lived in Glastonbury, I could get chronic for about 2g for £12.50. Here in Lincoln, I get a gram for £10. There also is no distinction between chronic and reggie here. All the same price. And ontop of that pretty much everyone tries to rip you off. So you could end up getting 0.8g for £10!
I have no idea how your currency converts to mine, hell I don't even really know what that little symbol means lol.
I just googled and I guess 10= $15.50. I have always had some buddy or even a relative that has sold so I never get ripped off, not since early in high school. Back then though you could get 14 grams of "reggie" for $20, now that's cheap right there. The quality is more expensive and for awhile it was $20 for 1 gram. But it's much better now and I don't buy in that low of volume so I get it for close to $10 a gram now. But I never have to worry about the quality or someone trying to pass off lower quality weed as some kind of dro. If I want "reggie" I go one place and if I want the quality I go to a completely different place.
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