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Originally Posted by OU View Post
I have no idea how your currency converts to mine, hell I don't even really know what that little symbol means lol.
I just googled and I guess 10= $15.50. I have always had some buddy or even a relative that has sold so I never get ripped off, not since early in high school. Back then though you could get 14 grams of "reggie" for $20, now that's cheap right there. The quality is more expensive and for awhile it was $20 for 1 gram. But it's much better now and I don't buy in that low of volume so I get it for close to $10 a gram now. But I never have to worry about the quality or someone trying to pass off lower quality weed as some kind of dro. If I want "reggie" I go one place and if I want the quality I go to a completely different place.
Yeah if I buy in bulk I always get better deals. Can get a an ounce for about £160. Which apparently is exactly $214.16. Back in Glastonbury I could get it for £120 or $186. Which was cool as shit.

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