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Originally Posted by OU View Post
Yeah I had to have a nice squad in order to play the bigger maps. TDM takes away the vehicles and that's what I usually played if it was just me and 1 other person. But I liked to use a variety of style to play. I even used the cheap cheat they had with the shoguns and the dart bullets that would allow you to pretty much use it as a sniper. That would really, really piss people off. Also the fully auto shotgun was fun to run around with. I also liked using the fully auto pistol and running around with that. Also like I mentioned I liked putting red dots on semi-auto snipers and using them as mid range guns. That was always fun.
I never had a headset, found them annoying, so never had a squad I could communicate with. Also, not really alot of friends that played it. So the idea of running around massive maps getting 2 kills and 3 deaths never appealed to me. Even when high. The fully auto shotgun was a blast (pun intended, im on fire today!), you didnt really have to even aim! As soon as you see someone, hold the trigger. I played on a buddys COD black ops 2 the other day. It sucked bad. Its like a cartoon!!

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