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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Jesus, life? In England, if you get caught with 2 or 3 plants, you can claim them to be personal use and will probably just get a slapped wrist. The only time you would do time is if you had a massive operation and it was obvious you were dealing. I've been caught a few times with weed or having a smoke, never arrested.
I have never, ever been busted in any way for being high or in possession. Knock on wood. If I got caught growing a plant? It's all over, no way I get less then 10 years in federal pound you in the ass prison(Office Space reference).
I would have to have a very, very small amount on me and get lucky in order to just get a ticket and not arrested if I did get caught. But they can take me to jail even if I just have roaches in the ash tray. It's sad how strict the weed laws are here.
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