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Originally Posted by jk140 View Post
Sup guys,

I'm an aspiring professional fighter (recently began competing amateur fights). I usually train twice a day, 5-6 times a week. My main problem is FINANCES. I barely manage to pay my bills every month (mainly rent). I live in West LA, which is a rather expensive place to live. I have 3 other roommates to split the rent but it's still tough. The shit gets pretty stressful and takes away my energy from training.

To all the other aspiring pro fighters, how do you get by with your finances? Are there any particular jobs that pay well and still fit with your schedule?
Do you pay for membership at your gym? One thing that can take a load off is convincing your gym to comp you membership for competing under their banner.

Also, what's the deal with ticket sales out there? Around here, New England, fighters get a commission for every ticket they sell. I know some amateur fighters who seriously hustle tickets and walk away with hundreds of dollars under the table, even as an amateur.

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