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Originally Posted by OU View Post
Yeah those are good ones as well. Have you heard the ones I posted? There is a much less popular song by a guy named TQ that I use to listen to. But it's not really a weed smoking song I guess, but it is mentioned throughout the song.
Yea I've heard that song by Lil Flip before, tho I'm not familiar with him as an artist. I have everything by Bone, all the group albums, all the solo albums, and even bootlegs n stuff.

TQ I remember from way back, he had the hit songs Westside & Bye bye baby. The one u posted is apparently from the same album from 1998, but I can't say that I remember it. Actually it's a really nice relaxing song, TQ did some nice music. I saw on wiki that hit did alot of albums but I'm not familiar with them at all, maybe I should get them.

Here are some more cool old songs, not really all weed songs but songs that just IMO are nice to listen to if you're into hiphop/gfunk type music.

Oh there is just so much lol, I just grabbed some random stuff from my youtube relax folder.
Mostly old 1993 - 1996 stuff, damn I'm getting old.
Maybe there is something u havn't heard.
Then ofcourse cypress hill made alot of awsome songs for smoking back in the day.

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