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wrong post

Originally Posted by Merforga
i took TKD for about 4 years and earned a high red belt.
I got into a street fight and was getting my ass kicked till i reverted to just sloppy punches and push kicks to keep the guy away from me long enough so i could land another hazy punch. Round house kicks and back kicks were for the most part useless and actually laughable from a bystander's POV.

Long story short i take Muay Thai now and in my opinion this is the best combat sport to practice.
well thai kicks are basically roundhouse kicks .i honestly dont think kicks in general are practical in a street fight. its usually to wild and smotherd for anything that would really make a difference. knees are a different story .i think the clinch and knee part of thai /dirty boxing and boxing are the most practical stand up styles for a fight and of course grappling is a must know. i feel all the other kicking stuff is more sport than practical. kicking in general leaves you open for a hard counter punch or take down.
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