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Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Cant see the vid on you post man. Will edit my own post after you fixed.

EDIT. Added the 'w' that was at the end of the vid. Fixed the video in my quote. Never seen it though dude. Must watch. What else you got?

EDIT2. Looks awesome. Set in the 90s is always a bonus too.

EDIT3. Tried repping but gotta spread.
Check it out, it's one of those flicks where it should have got more attention, but never did. Here's a funny scene -->
Totally 90's jargon and slang. Once you watch it I'll give you another recommendation.

Originally Posted by OU View Post
I can't argue with Marley, it's not really my style of music but they are good smoking songs no doubt. For my generation though Bone Thugz probably gave the best collection of smoking songs. Mr.Pookie had a classic that came out when I was in Jr. High.
One advice...never smoke with a rastafarian. You'll get outsmoked. Top three hip hop weed heads.

3.) Method Man/Redman
2.) Cypress Hill
1.) Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion

0.) Willie Nelson - Snoop said he's the only one who outsmokes em.

I don't want to know...

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