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Originally Posted by Canadian Psycho View Post

You have no facts to support your claim. All you have is speculation and conjecture. I have no idea what Shields was suspended for, but I'm also not the one running about claiming, 'It's much more likely he was suspended for PEDs'. I'm not being an unbridled optimist or throwing 'common sense' out of the window, but I also tend to subscribe to this nifty little thing called evidence, which we have none of.

For all we know, Jake was busted for smoking up and is too embarrassed to admit it to the world. Or maybe he believes in privacy. Either explanation is plausible, but again, entirely speculative.

I also tend to believe that were Jake busted for PEDs, he would have been suspended for more than 6 months. Go and take a look at comparable suspensions... 6 months for marijuana is common, whereas testing positive for banned substances often lands a fighter one year in the hotbox.

There's a novel concept... actual research!
Yeah right, you just keep on believing that. But honestly you are letting your fanhood get in the way of reality you are hoping for the most optimistic outcome. I didn't say for sure what he did I just used common sense in saying what it looks like. Again I can't say for certain but I won't play dumb and not objectively look at the most possible scenario. It's Jake fault for not coming clean on why he wasn't clean. Obviously one scenario is more likely then the other. Just because I can't prove it doesn't mean it's any less likely.

Jeez you guys, we don't have facts because Jake is hiding them. That alone should make you assume the worst not the best. Common sense again.
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