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Originally Posted by Stun Gun View Post
"For all we know, Jake was busted for smoking up and is too embarrassed to admit it to the world. Or maybe he believes in privacy. Either explanation is plausible, but again, entirely speculative."

Perhaps if it's weed thats why he is hiding it. It's common sense to look at both sides, not just one, which seems that you're going at. You think just because he doesn't come out and say what he took that it can't be weed, though you have no idea.
IF it is weed then Jake has the poorest PR ever. Because it's moronic to not come clean if that is the case. Simple as that. If the best possible scenario that you guys are so hopeful for is the truth then Jake is a moron for not giving that information out when that is in fact the best possible scenario. If you list the possible reasons for his suspension weed would be least condemning. So I guess it's possible that he is just that stupid, I think it's far more likely that isn't the case. I think you guys are the ones being unrealistic here. It's not the logical outcome.
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