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It's you again. Basically MMA is more for marketing these days. I've seen Krav Maga, Karate, Tae Kwon Do gyms teach "MMA." It's comical.

As you can see in real time fighting this is the breakdown for the best type of striking and grappling.

Striking: about a hundred different art forms, but everyone would agree after the mid 90's with Maurice Smith that kick boxing/muay thai is the go to artform. Then enter Pele, Wanderlei, Shogun, Anderson, Dutch fighters, etc.

Grappling: Sumo, sambo, judo, greco, BJJ.

Over the past two decades it's been narrowed down to three key disciplines; muay thai, BJJ, and wrestling.

Striking: Muay Thai (there's American style kick boxing and Savate so don't get confused.)

Grappling: BJJ (Royce made this popular.) Within this class they'll teach you grappling.
Gi: Classic training.
After "MMA" became popular most gyms offered no gi (non classical) because that's what competition deemed. Very different moves with the gi on. Life B Ez can comment here as he's a certified instructor. *note* he does like to hit on his students. *correction* female students

Conditioning is part of the warm up and rolling.

Some have studied other artforms before entering into the gyms. It may or may not help. IE: Karate + Tae Kwon Do kicks are completely different from Muay Thai dead leg kicks.

So focus on those two. You'll be set to go.

Oh don't worry about sparring til a year or two from now. Don't even bother. Learn the techniques first, footwork that goes along with the striking, defense (parry,counters), and then combinations.

Peeps in the gym asked me to spar with the pros, but I graciously declined cuz I'm not a hot shot and I've seen our own instructor get obliterated by one of the I was like hmm...that's not good. So just spar with peeps your own level otherwise you will GET KTFO.

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