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day 36 last night, forgot to log on it.

i went in on a rest day to assist with a younger-class.

I stuck around and worked with a few guys.

I had a random idea for core work a few weeks ago, you place a medicine ball inside the kneecaps and lock your ankles and squeeze inwards. Bring your knees up to an angle like that of the guard and rotate the hips left/right so your hips touch the floor. If you desire punch the ball as it's in the center or going left/right.

So i took this and had a kid who's prepping for a fight go for 1-minute, then 15 butt lift with the ball held by his knees, followed by 10 weighted pushups @ 40lb.

I've tested it on a few boxers in the gym, they say they hate it but it's a good hate.

Day 37

Session 1
Led the pt so did minimal pushups/abs

4 rounds of 4-minute one min. rest of work in the ring for pt.

after our pt was over we worked on our own for an hour.
session 2
led most of the PT again.
we did 2 four min round this time and then it was open gym.

I worked mainly on my footwork.

I got a chance to spar with jeff for about 4 minutes.

I wasn't throwing near as much as I normally do, I think i was working on countering him tonight.

I know i landed a few clean jabs...i got a low jab, rising right hook combo, and a nasty left hook to the body that threw him off balance that ended in him dropping to a knee.

He says it was an error in footwork but I call it a knockdown.

I ate some shots and was light on my feet, i am enjoying the purchase of wrestling shoes for sparring.

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