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Originally Posted by mmaswe82 View Post
Only difference is the levels. TRT should, and I say should mind you be alot lower than people using steroids for like say bodybuilding or whatever the reason. TRT is testosteron, same as any blackmarket injectable, but administered in lower doses. If fighters use their TRT within the doses that a normal patient would is hard to know.

I work in a pharmacy, we have Testosteron undecanoate or Nebido-R as our particular brand is called.

The only difference between the undecanoate ester & say a very popular ester within black market steroids called
testosterone enanthate is that the undecanoate ester is alot slower acting so if you inject 200mg it will stay in you system for alot longer than enanthate wich roughly stays for a week. Making your levels lower since the 200mg are spread over such a long time. Other than that the testosterone used for TRT-treatment is exactly the same as black market testo.
A normal does of Nebido-R would be about 1000mg every 10 - 14 weeks for someone with hypogonadism.
while a normal "roiding" dose might be 200-400mg per week for a fighter ( I don't know this I just took an example as many black market testo-brands come in 200mg vials) & not to mention bodybuilders often times will take 2000mg a week mixed with maybe 5 - 10 other hormones at crazy high amounts, atleast at the higher levels.

On the black market there are ofcourse tons of different hormones other than testosteron, but testo is still one of the most popular ones for abuse as well.

Seems like alot off fighters chose other substances for their "roiding" than testo tho wich makes sence because there are lots of PEDS that are more designed for that type of physical work. But never underestimate the power of testosteron for anything. It will give you more endurance, motivation, agression, pure drive, OFC strength & recovery as well.
Properly administered TRT should only put you on normal levels, but since it's obvious that not that many fighters have hypogonadism, I guess it's fair to assume that it's used in higher doses perscribed by corrupt/payed off doctors. I seriously doubt all the fighters getting TRT actually have hypogonadism.
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