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Originally Posted by jonnyg4508 View Post
I think I made one post towards you, and now you follow me all around to argue with me.

All I know is I trust GSP more than anyone. He is the most calculated fighter. He spends a lot of money on world class care. He is probably the best conditioned athlete in the sport. Plus Cruz will be out far longer than GSP was.

If thinking Cruz, who uses speed and quick movement in all of his fights will not be the same, shoot me. I doubt he will be. I think Barao wins regardless of Cruz's status.

I was never a person who said GSP may be off because of the layoff. So none of that even pertains to me. People say a lot of things.

Getting injured twice in a row is worse than once with a full long recover. At least in my estimation.

Little Faber caught Cruz a couple of times when Cruz was on a straight roll at his weight. I think Barao can time him as well, he is much better than Faber.
Follow you around specifically to argue with you? My time is better spent doing something more productive. I tip my hat to you, I also thought that GSP wouldn't have any trouble, but that had nothing to do with my last post. The sole purpose of that post was to clarify, for my own benefit what had delayed Cruz, because I read one thing and you were saying another. I regret that you feel I'm following you around and arguing, that was never my intention. Back on point however, I don't think we can count Cruz out just yet.

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