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Cut it to 5 mil. This is assuming the shower/sink setup comes with basic hygiene products.

Hot girl - 18 points
- 10 years with little to no human contact would be brutal. I'll spend the 18 for sex,a relationship, and just somebody to talk to that isn't Barry Bonds.

Fast food - 4 points
- I'm not eating microwave food for 10 years and I could get some moderately nutritous fast food if I wanted.

Garden w/ greenhouse - 2 points
- I'd use the greenhouse to grow more varieties of food and some weed. It could serve the purpose of a "job" giving me something to do everyday, and I'd get the feeling of going outside even if it was artificial. Easily the most undervalued thing on the list.

Mayo Clinic - 3 points
- Somebody is going to get sick over the course of 10 years. Staying alive is important.

Pool Table - 1 point
- Just a cheap source of entertainment. Pool is fun.

TV - 7 points
- Lots of entertainment for way cheaper than the internet.

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