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I finished Halo 4 and I can say without a doubt that series has reached its Halo 2.

Yeah, not much to say here. Halo 4 wasn't a bad game. The soundtrack was good and the visuals were awesome. It had some decent drama and you got to now a little more about the forerunners and their history with mankind. I guess what really holds this game back is that it didn't have the same variety of characters you had in Halo 2 (and 3 for that matter). I started missing characters like Johnson, Guilty Sparks, the prophets, and the Arbiter. I especially missed the Arbiter because I wanted to know what this situation was like coming from the covenant point of view. The only story we got on them was they worshiped the Didact and your their enemies again. We never find out if this was the entire covenant or if its just a select few. I guess will find these answers out in Halo 5. Sort of underwhelming if you think about it.

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