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Originally Posted by GrappleRetarded View Post
so i'm in the shower and these dudes are like laughing and **** and this one guy is like pretending to jack off with a towel or something. so i charge out of the shower and spear this guy right in the chest with my badass crew cut head. i look like guile from street fighter. so this punk ass is on the ground with a broken sternum, and i'm just standing over him and i don't even notice that i'm naked and my huge ass dick is just swinging in the wind.

so i'm all "you homo boys can play with each other all damn day, for all i care. i just squatted 580 today, and i need a shower." so i walk out still naked and march across the gym to the ladies locker room and get in the shower. all these hot ass bitches are naked in their and they flock to me like i'm goddamn catnip. so i start ****ing all these bitches and **** in the shower, and i'm just thinking to myself, "i'm so damn bad." and they're putting shampoo in my crew cut head. i look like guile from street fighter.
So me saying I'm not afraid to get my ass kicked is the same as someone claiming to be some super street fighter? Or are you just pissy because you think someone might not be as big of a ***** as you are?

Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
ahh well then that's a justified case unlike calling nick diaz a dick to his face when he has nothing to do with any fans lives except when they get pictures with him and his bro and noo one has complaints about him there.
Diaz is a dick but that's not what the original comment was about. It was bout him being afraid of GSP and doing everything to avoid actually having to fight him. Which a lot of people do have complaints about.

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